My daughters first mountain bike races.. 2 on the same day. 1st and 2nd

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Yesterday I did my first mountain bike races.

The first one had a time trial, a hill climb and a race. Because I was fastest in the time trial I started at the back of the race, which was 6 laps, but I still won.

IMG_-lm9f0t On the hill climb

20170513_125716 Getting my medal

In the afternoon we had a much longer race, on a really tough course. It was over 3km.

20170513_140745 On the start line

We did two laps. I use a bike that my dad has hired from the club. It’s ok but a bit heavy.

20170513_142135 Me beating some boys

In the end I came 2nd girl and 4th overall.

20170513_151501 The podium with my award

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