This is a post I did on Get Sutton Cycling. Sutton has one of the highest car ownership rates in London. It is not very cycling friendly, yet it could be. The town is in a point of crisis with shoppers more likely to visit Kingston or Croydon. Why? Well, if you have to drive you may aswell drive somewhere else.

The council has done a lot of talking but there has been no action, save for a couple of shared footpaths in parks.

Only a couple of weeks ago, when we had that nice weather, I was outside with 15 kids, fixing the bikes they never ride because their parents don’t want them on the road. They spent 2 hours riding up and down a 100m track instead.

Click the article below to find out how to write to your councillor in Sutton.

We saw at the recent election for Mayor of London, nearly all the candidates got on board “Sign for Cycling” campaign. So what are our councillors doing to support this commitment to cycling? If you look around Sutton, you’ll be hard pressed to see anything change in regards to new cycling infrastructure. We have a […]

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