A while back, I put together a list of my favorite cycling podcasts. Now there are a few more to add to that list. In no particular order, here are a bunch more that I enjoy. Three are focused on pro-cycling, while the last aims to help improve your own cycling performance. Happy listening.

Cycling Podcast

The cycling podcast

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Hosts: Richard Moore, Lionel Ritchie Birnie, Daniel Friebe

Topics: Pro-cycling commentary and discussion

Length: 30-60 mins

My opinion: Probably three of the best cycling journalists around. The format is relaxed, chatty with plenty of jokes, usually at each other expense. Some good inside information from the peloton and unique views. Far fewer cliches than you will often find in many cycling podcasts. From time to time there are live events and competitions. Some football references – that’s another running joke.

Become a “friend of the podcast” to get access to special edition podcasts each month. Well worth the money to support such a fun and informative podcast.

How The Race Was Won

How the race was won

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Host: Cosmo Catalano

Topics: How pro cycling races were won…

Length: 5-6 mins

My opinion: The best summary of races. Funny, sarcastic and insightful. I love these quick fire, short recaps. The podcast is also a video which you can catch on YouTube, along with The Week In Bike. Both are witty, with nice editing. Cosmo certainly has a way with words backed up with great knowledge of riders and cycling. “And that was how the race was won.”

Velo Voices

Velo Voices

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Hosts: Panache, Tim, Kathi

Topics: Pro-cycling scene

Length: 60 mins

My opinion: A mixture of personalities makes this interesting. Tim is certainly the “Statto” of this show with Kathi providing a more passionate response. Panache (or Chris) holds the show together with balanced opinion. They state this is a podcast, by fans, for fans. I can’t disagree. The strength in this podcast is the variety of personalities. You may not agree with them, but that isn’t the point, they don’t agree with each other. This is more like a chat down the pub or cafe with knowledgeable friends.


Threshold podcast (formerly Semi-Pro Cycling)

Semi-Pro Cycling

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Host: Damian Ruse

Topics: How competitive cyclists can improve, focus on cat 5, 4, 3.

Length: 25-40 mins

My opinion: Damian is a coach and the podcast supports the services Damian provides. It has some really good insights into current training and each week he reviews published scientific studies on cycling performance. He is great at picking up which studies fall short and why. His experience is clear and so is his language, until he starts quoting directly from scientific publications when I get lost. If you are into the deep numbers, and I don’t just mean FTP and VO2 max, then you’ll love it. However, this is usually on a few mins at the start of the podcast. The rest is often more like food for thought, when it comes to improving as a cyclist. The most recent podcast was about Cadel Evans journey as a pro and how he didn’t have  the pure talent that many pros have but has a lot of grit and determination to succeed. You won’t get training plans – that stuff you can buy from him – but you’ll get plenty of inspiration and performance focused detail.