I clean my bike every week. It’s not the most expensive, lightest or fastest bike in the world but it’s mine and I like to take care of it. But cleaning can get a bit dull at times, especially in the winter and autumn when the weather isn’t so great outside.

A great way to pass the time and add a little motivation to cleaning is to listen to one of the cycling podcasts that I’ve subscribed to. When I first started looking for podcasts on iTunes I came across quite a few dead productions so hopefully this list will help out a couple of people. There are a few more out there but do you know what is missing? A podcast run by women. Many of these podcast below have female guests from time to time but I haven’t seen one run by women. May be that is a general issue with cycling but there are plenty of women out there that ride.

Anyway, here are my top six.

The Bike Show


Quick take: Accessible and friendly, you’ll feel like Jack is one of your mates and you’ll want to go on a picnic with him. (weekly)

Host: Jack Thurston

Description: This is the podcast of a weekly Resonance FM show that has been running since 2004. Topics cover the whole spectrum of cycling from commuting, sport, holidays, history and events with some great interviews from well known and less well known people in cycling. Jack is well know in cycling circles and has a very subtle interviewing technique which gets the most from his guests.

The music on the show is also very good and often fits with the content of the show. Jack has a voice made for radio and his delivery seems effortless and relaxed. Non-cyclists will also enjoy this.

Cycling 360 Podcast


Quick take: “This podcast will make you a better cyclist” (weekly)

Hosts: Darryl Kotyk, Victor Jimenez, Rob Grissom

Description: Aimed at those that cycle as a sport. Each week focuses on a specific subject such as bike fit, riding in heat, nutrition on the bike, long rides, maintenance and clothing. I’ve picked up a lot from this show that I may never have even thought about. They have tremendous experience and backgrounds.

The three hosts all have very different personalities which makes it a lively listen. Daryl is the laid back, chilled out Canadian who writes “Loving the Bike” blog and probably represents the regular enthusiastic rider. Victor is the technician that runs “Bicycle Lab” that can help with bike fits and demands everyone can change their own tyres (I agree). Rob is the coach that I believe still races and he runs “Positive Performance Coaching.” You might think from that all you would hear about are their own businesses but you don’t. They get how this stuff works (social stuff) and offer help. If you want to call them, get help or seek a training plan they will be there but unlike one other podcast I tried, the content here does not reference stuff they sell.



Quick take: Opinion and insight into the world of professional racing. (weekly)

Hosts: Scott O’Raw & John Galloway

Description: Probably the most in-depth look at racing and the politics behind the racing you will find. Scott and John know their stuff. You may not agree with them but they do provide great podcasts and don’t hold back on the opinion. They do cover the actual races too. This year they brought out two special daily series for the Tour and Vuelta. Each on cost £10 for the whole series.

Of course the regular podcasts are free. They also produce two other podcasts. John does “This Week in Cycling History” with the “Stat of Cycling” Cillian Kelly who writes “The Irish Peloton” blog. Scott does a bi-weekly “Post Peloton” which is a witty and often stinging editorial on the way cycling is run. I recommend all three.

Veloclub Don Logan  Stopped November 2015


Quick take: Light-hearted comment & discussion on professional road racing & mountain biking. (every 3 weeks)

Hosts: Graham & Gary

Description: Similar to the velocast in that they cover pro cycling, but VCDL also covers mountain biking. They tend to stick much more to the actual racing than going on over the behind the scenes and politics. They also do some great interviews with national and local riders. 

Again these guys know their stuff and seem to know a lot about the local scene and have great depth in mountain biking. They probably know how many rocks are on each hill.

The Spokesmen – A cycling roundtable podcast


Quick take: Whatever is news in cycling they will be talking about it

Host: David Bernstein

Panel: (Various) Regulars from DL Byron, Carlton Reid, Tim Jackson, Jim Moss, Neil Browne, Rich Kelly.

Description: “Welcome to episode 82. Welcome to episode 82. Welcome to episode 82.” That references the fact that every week the episode number seems to be repeated three times at the start of the podcast. When you can get over that bump then you can settle down to enjoy a very good, wide ranging and interesting podcast that covers all sorts of stuff. From cycling retailers to world tour racing to cycle safety. There is a great deal of insight into the cycling trade as many of the panel are or have been in the business in various roles. Others are advocates for cycling like Byron at Bikehugger or journalists and advocates like Carlton Reid from BikeBiz (and many others). Apart from Carlton most of the panel are from the USA and conversation, especially around talk of bike shops and producers is slanted this way. David also runs “The Fred Cast” which covers many of the same topics but without the interaction you get on The Spokesmen.

Speed Metal Cycling


Quick take: Don’t agree with us? We don’t care. Love and Passion for the sport – The Skullcrusher will get you. (1-3 times a month)

Hosts: Skullcrusher

Description: I think they say it best themselves, this is what you get: “We don’t talk about custom-made Serotta frames or Campy components. Don’t expect us to review the latest Camelback product or talk about coffee blends. Actually, the hell with coffee altogether. What we do is talk about the sport of pro-cycling with attitude and humor.” This is actually another panel podcast but far, far less formal than The Spokesmen. They certainly know their stuff, who is who and what form riders are in. Do they hold back ever? No. Never. It is a great counter to the other podcasts I’ve listed above, but probably not for everyone.