It really is!

After a week of rain the sun was out this morning and there has hardly been a cloud in the sky all day, so much so that all the juice vendors have got out their oranges and started squeezing – a bit like us brits and shorts when the sun comes out.

Yesterday we went up on the Maokong Gondola which has had over 3 million visitors in 7 months. Since the write up David gave it the thing has become more popular – thankfully it wasn’t hot yesterday so the cabs were ok, but it felt odd not looking down on snow and having my snowboard while going up the mountain.  When you get to the top you can see across Taipei and visit one of the many tea houses. We stopped for some noodles, had a walk and visited the tea promotion centre by one of the pink buses you can take at the top.  As usual anywhere you find lots of people eating there are dogs – wish they would do something about that.  Anyway, it was a great day and any problems that David on Formosa may have witnessed seem to be sorted now and it was a very smooth operation.

We arrived in time to take lunch at the top but when we got to the bottom – around 4ish, the crowds were getting big. Not sure how long the wait was but if you do want to go avoid the weekends and evenings (as with most things in Taiwan) if you don’t want to wait in a queue.

For dinner we had dumpling – Dai Tai Fung for xioa long boa. We always go here once while in Taiwan, the little dumplings are just amazing, delicate and juicy.  If you see a huge number of Japanese tourists outside, don’t wait behind them, go up to one of the girls standing on the door and take an order form and (English) menu and wait for your number to come up on the digital display.  Every night at about 5 o’clock, a truck load of Japanese will turn up and devour most of the food in site, thankfully they go one table at a time so many wait their turn outside. Highly recommended.

Next round the corner it is time for a bit of Ice Monster, shaved ice and fruit – kiwi and strawberries for us.  Again, another of the must have’s. Yes it is a bit more expensive than some places but it is always fantastic. No mango until March though.  Certainly worth eating if you have room after dinner.

Tonight we are off to Pingsi for the latern festival and of course more food.  Goodness, I need to do some cycling to remove some of this weight Iseem to be putting on.  Although the walking is helping, it isn’t enough.

I should upload some of my own photos when I have more time later.