After a quick virtual prod by @thomasj and a peek at a blog post he sent me I decided to actually write down so quantifiable goals around my objectives that I wrote earlier today.

Hong Kong CNY 2004
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Very realistic ones too. After reading the wonderful said post by @penelopetrunk they had to be. Taking my lead from point one “think small” these are something I know (may be I hope) I will complete with a little effort and so change my behaviour in a real way over the long-term, much like someone that needs to change eating habits.

So, here they are, although I can really think of a good goal for being more organised. Well not yet…

1. Reading: 10 pages of a book every day – after meditation

2. Chinese: 30 mins a day, one section of Pimsleur.

3. Be more organised..?? if you have an idea for a goal here, let me know.

4.  Meditation: 25 mins each evening after kids go to bed

Day one is a success, apart from the Chinese as I couldn’t find the files, I have now, but I’m writing this. Have to say it is nice to sit down in peace and quiet for half an hour and do nothing (or try to). I read 20 pages in a few minutes before realising that the boiler outlet had frozen so had to go outside to knock off the ice.. yes, it’s that cold.

Will keep this up until the end of the month, see how well I have done and possible bore both of my readers senseless with tales of reading books and meditation – but in Chinese. Yeah right.

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