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Test ride: Giant Defy Advanced Pro 2

I’m certainly a fan of the Giant Defy – I have a couple. So when my local bike shop, Wallington Cycles, said they had one of the new Defy Advanced Pro’s for testing I had to have a go. Continue reading “Test ride: Giant Defy Advanced Pro 2”

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Giant Bikes: The truth about bike frame testing?

If you have ever been to a Giant Bikes website you will know that they never say how heavy their bikes are. Instead you get a paragraph explaining why they don’t publish the data – it’s essentially to do with making fair comparisons, benchmarks.

Today though Giant sent out a mailer, “Want to know the truth about road bike frame testing? Our secret is revealed.” It included a link to the test data and a video. This just seems so unusual for Giant.

The reason Giant give for producing this marketing package is because competitors leave out Giant bikes when comparing their bikes. Interestingly Giant don’t top all three of the tests, Cannondale Super SIX tops the bottom bracket stiffness category but 3 out of the top 5 are Giant.

Aero bikes don’t fair well in any of the tests filling most of the bottom spots. As a newish category that’s probably not too surprising.

The selection of bikes though is small, there are Specilized (2), Trek (2), Canyon (1), Look (2), Scott (1), Cannondale (2), Felt (1), and Cervelo (3). Notably many are north American companies and are probably the brands that Giant compete with most. If you want an elegant Italian brand then you are possibly not going to be looking at any of these bikes listed.

On the face of it this looks like a well executed campaign but a little unusual coming from Giant. Interesting to note that the video above is not listed on Youtube, you can only find it through the email or via their site.

As for legal issues, Giant are big but not so big to publish data that would be misleading, I would have thought, especially when they use their own benchmark for torsional stiffness, replace a steel bar with the manufacturers supplied fork, which I think makes real world sense.

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