The Times today launched a cycling safety campaign “Cities fit for cycling” (#cyclesafe) after one of their staff was left in a coma when she was hit by a lorry.

There is a section to pledge support to the campaign which is already getting a wealth of retweets from the likes of Sky Pro Cycling rider, Alex Dowsett. Of course, News International sponsor the Sky team. What obviously takes the shine off this great campaign is the news this morning of a probe into unauthorised access to other peoples email accounts by a journalist at The Times.

This is just the most recent campaign and group to spring up recently. Last year we also saw the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain which is bringing together many organisations around the world and especially Europe to build better infrastructure for people in our cities and towns. @thecyclingJim who runs the embassy did fantastic speech which you can watch below about his frustration at not having a cycling infrastructure like Holland. It looks at the progress that the Dutch made from a situation not dissimilar to one we find the UK in now.

londoners on bikesLondon is the focus on many campaigns, just because of numbers more than anything. With the election of a new mayor this year the Londoners on Bikes group is seeking to get candidates to make real changes to safety for cyclists.  They also have a Facebook page and are looking for volunteers to help out in all sorts of ways.

So now for that talk. It’s really worth the watch in my opinion. Jim gets across the fundamental issues at the heart of the discussion, showing us that we aren’t in an unchangeable position with our reliance on motorised transport.