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TryTracker for men with odd shaped balls

TryTracker for men with odd shaped balls

You’ve seen SlamTracker where men and women who often hold two balls in their hands smack one over a net, well this is something almost entirely the same. But different. In a word, similar. This is all about men with odd shaped balls and how using the powers data analytics we can predict just where … Continue reading

Information overload: Whose fault is it anyway?

In the light of my last post and the feelings I had to this comment I read it seems that as communicators we are to blame for a lot of the information overload that employees feel – it’s not just all the stuff they get from each other. I feel it too but I also feel that I can cope by having the skills to find information when I need it or organising it so that others can find it too. Well that’s my perception, I could be entirely wrong. Continue reading

Going to the cinema in the afternoon

Image via Wikipedia I love my job, in fact for many years it hasn’t even felt like work, its like getting paid for a hobby. There was a time when I felt uneasy about saying that. Yesterday morning after talking with colleagues in Romania (@SilviaEmilia) and Norway (Anna) I feel a bigger spring in my … Continue reading

IT Blogger of the Year awards

IBM sponsored the Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards which were held last night at The Delphina. Andy Piper presented the overall award which went to Project Management for Girls, which is run by Elizabeth Harrin. It won the Project Management category for the third year.   Related articles Awards season, and good causes (