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How to behave at work

Image by itatton via Flickr Do you know how to behave at work? Common-sense right? Someone once said, “Common-sense is anything but common.” Answers on a postcard please. Those of you on twitter will have seen a number of people mentioning that they have completed their BCG. This is not an injection. This is education, … Continue reading

Stuff I’m doing today

No idea why you would be interested but this is what I’m doing/done today. Created some graphics for an intranet page Plan and organise a bunch of execs to record in a podcast Set-up a briefing with other comms people in the business to make them aware of an event EcoJamming Design a poster w3 … Continue reading

Take 10 in 2010

Sitting here on a horrible, grey, wet and windy Tuesday (I think it’s Tuesday) between Christmas and new year does give me the chance to do some much needed reading. One short little article I came across on is a great way to make everyone a little happier with the world in 2010. Simply … Continue reading

Mixing communications works

The fruit of a number of months hard work ripened in South Bank this week as we held the launch of the IBM London Analytics Solution Centre. From my point of view I was involved in the internal comms and social media side (internal and external). It was possibly a first chance to work more … Continue reading