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Taiwan in 8 minutes

Just a few clips thrown together thanks to the FlipShare software that covers a few of our trips around Taiwan this year. We went right down south to Kenting National Park, into the middle of the country to a few spas, including one in an area that was hit by the 1999 earthquake that wrecked … Continue reading

Staying at the Yoho Bike Hotel

Just spent three days in Kenting, which is right in the far south of Taiwan. Hotel We stayed at the Yoho Landis Beach Resort which is made up of three hotel section which cater to different groups. The regular hotel and two other areas, Yoho Kids and Yoho Bike Hotel, which we stayed at. The … Continue reading

Back home

Been back almost a week now. Just getting back into the swing of things, sleeping, cleaning, shopping and working. It takes a while, forgot all those passwords, what I do, how I do it.  Surprising how slow it is to remember some things yet cycling to work has been oddly easy.  Perhaps all the walking … Continue reading

what’s been happening this week in taiwan?

Quick round up of things we have done this week, not much detail as I can’t really be that bothered at the moment. After the Pingsi Latern festival where we saw the deputy President launch a huge lantern after much struggling on the tiny trains that take you up the mountain. We got to the … Continue reading

sun is shining

It really is! After a week of rain the sun was out this morning and there has hardly been a cloud in the sky all day, so much so that all the juice vendors have got out their oranges and started squeezing – a bit like us brits and shorts when the sun comes out. … Continue reading

first week back in taiwan

Chinese new year is almost at an end. For the first week here I kept away from the computer, mainly because it is nice to get a rest from something that you use everyday – but also there is a lot going on here. Although we have had our share of rain it hasn’t put … Continue reading