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Chinese new year in London

Just a quick post with a video from the weekend in London. Chinese new year celebrations in London get bigger every year. I remember back when you could quite easily walk around and actually get into a restaurant the same day to eat. As it was we went to an Malaysian/Indonesian place in Soho instead. … Continue reading

what’s been happening this week in taiwan?

Quick round up of things we have done this week, not much detail as I can’t really be that bothered at the moment. After the Pingsi Latern festival where we saw the deputy President launch a huge lantern after much struggling on the tiny trains that take you up the mountain. We got to the … Continue reading

sun is shining

It really is! After a week of rain the sun was out this morning and there has hardly been a cloud in the sky all day, so much so that all the juice vendors have got out their oranges and started squeezing – a bit like us brits and shorts when the sun comes out. … Continue reading

first week back in taiwan

Chinese new year is almost at an end. For the first week here I kept away from the computer, mainly because it is nice to get a rest from something that you use everyday – but also there is a lot going on here. Although we have had our share of rain it hasn’t put … Continue reading

We’re in the Sutton Scene

Ping went to a friends house the other day and saw a copy of our local free magazine, Sutton Scene… we are on the cover!  The picture was taken at this years Move it at the manor event. It is a shame about Phoebe, she is usually really happy but for whatever reason the photographer … Continue reading

London Freewheel cycling fun

From l to r: Phoebe, me, Ping Sunday saw the largest gathering of cyclists on the streets of London in the Hovis Freewheel event. The weather was great and the crowds came out, about 36,000 – and that was the people that registered. Apart from the many “crossing points” to allow lead footed pedestrians to … Continue reading