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More on blogging and using social media

A couple of weeks ago I made an intro to social media deck that I have now reshaped. It was for IBMers, hence the reason for calling it External Social Media, rather than all the stuff we use internally. The emphasis is really on blogging and the elements which people seem to forget, such as … Continue reading

Quora, Quora, Quora…but why?

Image by Choconancy1 via Flickr Every question you ever had you will now need to be asked on Quora. That’s not 100% true, but I have felt like that today.   User growth is out stripping twitter at the moment but it’s base is still small, so still think it will be bigger than Twitter. When … Continue reading


So WordPress have set the challenge for it’s users to start posting a blog every day or every week. Not sure if this is because people are posting less in general on blogs, resorting to micro-blogging or just as a result of what the poll revealed…. people are always full of good intentions at the … Continue reading

Can blogging help you?

I noticed this tweet by Andy today, it’s something  that people have been talking about for a while, mostly since the rise of Twitter. Is blogging dying or are people just bored? nice piece by @warrenellis in @wiredUK — Andy Piper (@andypiper) November 23, 2010 In a recent unscientific poll, carried out by myself, … Continue reading

How do I start blogging?

That was the question I got asked yesterday and quite often get asked. I don’t really consider myself a blogger, not externally but I contribute to several, but I really do it to keep track of what I do and the things I like, occasionally something happens that brings in some useful insight or contact … Continue reading

First voice to post

Found out that the formatting with Zemanta doesn’t work well, in fact you add any content to this and it messes it up enough to stop the audio working.