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First mountain bike race of the season

No sooner has ‘cross finished that mountain biking racing starts (does it actually ever stop?) at Gorrick. Kids like mountain biking but it’s much more a fun thing than cyclocross.

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Road terrorists

You get a few close passes if you ride a bike for more than one day in summer. Riding to work takes the biscuit. Continue reading “Road terrorists”

Saddle sores slowing you down?

Eventually, most riders get them. The internet is littered with questions about getting rid of saddle sores. I know, I’ve looked through 80% of them. Continue reading “Saddle sores slowing you down?”

Bike test: Giant Propel, Advanced Pro 2, 2015

Duncan at Wallington Cycles tweeted me a couple of weeks ago, asking if I would I like a test ride on a Propel, as he had one coming in for a few days. Well, it would be rude not to.

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Test ride: Giant Defy Advanced Pro 2

I’m certainly a fan of the Giant Defy – I have a couple. So when my local bike shop, Wallington Cycles, said they had one of the new Defy Advanced Pro’s for testing I had to have a go. Continue reading “Test ride: Giant Defy Advanced Pro 2”

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Cycling Debate: Just more talking and hand waving?

Yesterday was Cycling Debate. Three political parties had a chance to say how much they would do for our towns and cities, to help more people cycle.

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The best cycling flash mob ever?

Cycle commuters in London got some welcome support on the streets recently.

This is good..

But it’s not this good…

Shimano bring out wind muffler for sports camera

Still no editing software but Shimano are bringing out more hardware for the Sport Camera.

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YouTube editor, you’re twisting my melons man

Yesterday was a lovely day in Surrey. Took a ride down to Box Hill to do hill repeats and of course strapped on the video camera. Continue reading “YouTube editor, you’re twisting my melons man”

Could my kids cycle here?

That is the question I ask myself when looking at any plans that councils, TfL or other group put forward. If my kids can’t cycle there (6 & 9) then it isn’t good enough. Continue reading “Could my kids cycle here?”

More Cycling Podcasts

A while back, I put together a list of my favorite cycling podcasts. Now there are a few more to add to that list. Continue reading “More Cycling Podcasts”

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Yet another cyclist killed in London

How can this be right and allowed to continue?

A 52 year old cyclist was killed at the Vauxhall Cross gyratory by a tipper truck. This is a shocking similarity to the other 5 deaths in London this year.

The Evening Standard carries the full story.

Cyclist killed at Vauxhall Cross
Cyclist killed at Vauxhall Cross (photo by Paulius Štutas – Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License)

I was here back in December with many other supporters of “Stop Killing Cyclists” who held a die-in to highlight the dangers of the junction.

Die in at Vauxhall, December 2013
Die in at Vauxhall, December 2013

Stop Killing Cyclists have issued a press release:

As yet another truck kills yet another cyclist on London’s roads Stop Killing Cyclists calls on the London Mayor to take immediate action to stop the carnage.

The London Mayor must urgently focus resources on tackling London’s horrifying dangerous truck epidemic.

In just one pilot project by the Metropolitan Police last winter they found 70% of targeted trucks stopped were driven illegally.

It is estimated that up to 30% of all trucks being driven in London were in an illegally dangerous state or being driven illegally.

When Stop Killing Cyclists met with the Metropolitan Police in February we were told a recruitment moratorium was in place in the truck enforcement team and in the Roadsafe dangerous driving reporting scheme.

Donnachadh McCarthy, Stop Killing Cyclists Co-founder, said,

“Our hearts go out to the family of yet another cyclist killed on London’s roads.

Stop Killing Cyclists held a demonstration at Vauxhall Cross in December 2013, following the 6 awful November tragedies, calling for greater enforcement of truck safety regulations and emergency segregated cycle lanes to be installed at left-hand turn junctions like Vauxhall Cross and Elephant & Castle.”

He added:

“The Mayor must immediately tackle the illegal dangerous truck epidemic on London’s roads and set a 2 year target to reduce illegality to a maximum of 1%, from its current estimated level of 30%.

It is time to call an end to this complacency and false priorities. The Mayor must target the killers not the victims.”

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