One of the great things about the Shimano Sports Camera is that the mount is the same as the GoPro, opening up a world of existing options when you want to mount the camera, pretty much anywhere.

As I use the camera on the bike, rather than my helmet, I had to purchase a new mount as one isn’t included in the box.

I already have a Garmin on my bars, so with lights, it starts to get pretty crowded on top. I was looking for something to mount the camera below the level of the bars. The first choice is the K-Edge GoPro Handlebar mount, but it’s fairly pricey at £39-35.

I found many alternatives on ebay which follow a similar design.  It pushes the camera out from the bars, which in my case is useful on my winter bike as it has external cables and old Tiagra brifters. So the cable would be in the way. They still sometimes come into view but only a very small part in the corner.


These are usually around the £5-10 mark. We’ll see how well the parts survive the winter, rain and road salt. Here is a search link on ebay with various sellers.


This is what it looks like on my bike. As you can see, it neatly avoids the cables, and looks less obvious to others, it has an element of stealth about it.

Shimano Cam on bike