Been out with the Shimano Sports Camera again over the weekend and took a few videos. Kind of getting used to the camera now and it is very easy to use. I do love the small size and the way that it “hides” on the bike.

First video is a lap of Richmond Park on a lovely sunny day just after the new year. It was the first really nice day I got to use the camera and it certainly shows the camera at its best.

The next is a ride up Leith Hill, which was part of a 106 km ride around Surrey Hills. The weather this day was pretty poor. It was foggy, cold and damp. On the descents I was getting frost form on the back on my gloves, it was that cold, but also very humid, which really sent the cold into your bones.

The cold and misty day meant the lens kept gathering water and making it hard to see. Not much any camera can do about that as far as I know. Perhaps some sort of spray or coating might help?


Only problem I have is knowing exactly when the camera is recording. If I’m recording an entire ride I can use the phone at the start via the app to see the Liveview. But, sometimes I’ll record just a part, as many rides will be too long for the battery. Because the buttons are small you need to take off gloves to hit the little Mode button to switch it on. You can alternatively press and hold the big red Record button for 4 secs and it will turn on and record immediately. The beeping though isn’t alway audible and so I have to bend down and look at the battery LED to make sure it is flashing (to indicate recording has started) which can be a pain. The reason I have to bend down is because I’m hanging it below and in front of my bars.

The other issue is with the Virb Edit software, but I can hardly complain about that as it wasn’t built for the CM-1000 and it’s free. I have had to uninstall it and reinstall via the App Store. I tried the app directly from Garmin but that gave me some exporting issues. It could be that just uninstalling/reinstalling solved the problem. Just be aware you can get the app for the Mac from both places.