This was a wonderful short ride on Saturday. The kids really enjoyed it and wished they could do it more often. I think I’d actually go to Cheam more often if I could take the kids by bike. Let’s hope more change is on the way after the elections this month. Our local councillor has signed up for #Space4Cycling and I hope this gets translated into real change on the ground in Sutton and all the London boroughs and indeed across the country.

Get Sutton Cycling

The sun shown brightly from a near-cloudless sky on Saturday morning, and it could not have been a better day to take a gentle meander by bicycle to a local park. And that’s exactly what we did, because Saturday was the day of our ‘Small Ride’, a cycle ride to celebrate how Space for Cycling will give everyone, whatever their age or ability, the choice to make and enjoy their everyday journeys safely by bicycle.

It took just fifteen minutes for the small group of participants to pedal the short distance (about 2 km, 1.2 miles) from the delightful Trinity Square, in the commercial heart of Sutton town centre, to the tranquillity of Cheam Park, with its lush grass dotted with resplendent horse chestnuts, beech, sycamore and oak trees that now, at the height of spring, are looking their finest.


But our ‘Small Ride’ was no ordinary cycle…

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