Come and join #RideSutton on May 3rd and help us move Sutton into the 21st century when it comes to transport and traffic planning. We need less cars and more bikes in the borough.

Get Sutton Cycling

Today was a long day spent raising awareness of #space4cycling and #ridesutton by giving out leaflets, stickers and flags on Sutton High Street. We gave out hundreds of flyers and spoke to dozens of shoppers about cycling and what it’s like to cycle in Sutton. The great thing is people are very receptive to cycling (it would be no fun if they weren’t!), and so days like this are great for getting in touch with how much people want to cycle.

So I arrived home to find the latest newsletter from my local Conservative Team in Beddington South. At the top it has the names and pictures of Neil Garratt, Jim Simms and Andy Williams, who are all hoping to become Conservative councillors for Beddington South come May 22nd. A little preamble: a few weeks ago they wrote to residents, one issue being congestion on Mollison Drive, outside Wilson’s School…

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