The problem with many cycle lanes like this in Sutton South is that pedestrians forget about them. It’s not their fault, this is bad design. Why would you take a great deal of notice of a white line on a pavement? When I was 15 or 16 years old, the last thing I could care about were road markings, I was far too interested in football. 

Ventnor Road
Ventnor Road cycle lane looking west

I imagine the idea for this path was to allow students to ride to school. Very few of them use it because all the roads leading to this 40 metre long stretch are built only with space for cars. I use this almost daily though when I go out to ride or head to town. We also use it to go to Overton Park with the kids on their bikes. The access to and from this cycle lane is a problem from either direction, but especially coming from the west side as you have to cross the traffic on both entry and exit. 

Ventnor Road looking east
Ventnor Road looking east

As you see here, when you ride down the hill, you have to stop and look for traffic coming from behind you, which is often going way too fast. As you can see, there are also a number of sign posts badly placed for cyclists.

Ideally, this road would be closed to through traffic. Far too much traffic heads along here which then also blocks the exit from Ventnor Road on to Brighton Road, an especially busy junction in the morning and evening. As I live close by I can hear a constant blaring of horns as people become angry and frustrated at the hold ups.

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