Last time I checked, women made up around 51% of the worlds population. Yet, in cycling, as with many sports, women are traditionally under represented in the mainstream media. Most people in the UK could name a male cyclist today. Possibly two or three. Could they name one woman gold medalist? Outside of track, have they ever seen a road race?

Sara Connolly, looks back at an especially bad week for the women’s peloton in professional racing and the entire lack of coverage – bar a few YouTube videos – that they get.

ProWomen's Cycling

This week has been frustrating for women’s cycling.  There have been three big stories that demonstrate the difficulties the sport is in – but you’d never know that, from looking at the cycling media

Last Sunday was the Tour of ChongMing Island World Cup, where the result was decided not by great racing, but by a human error, when the last corner wasn’t marked, taking the peloton off course in the last kilometres and allowing an opportunistic attacker, Tetyana Riabchenko, to win solo.  Reports differ as to exactly what happened (here’s the ORICA-AIS report) everyone describes it as an unfortunate mistake by an otherwise excellent race organiser, and of course the peloton may not have caught Riabchenko – but it’s incredibly frustrating that one of the rounds of the World Cup, one of the most prestigious competitions of the year, ends this way.

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