Jack Thurston of The Bike Show has put together a new bike touring book, “Lost Lanes.” It’s published on April 15th and covers 36 rides around Southern England which is currently experiencing the coldest March I have ever seen.

What is really interesting about this book, apart from the writing and photos, is that it comes with access to GPX downloads for your bike sat nav or smartphone app to help you find your way around the routes. Considering how many sportives can’t even put together a decent map this is a great enhancement and combination of traditional and new media.

Lost Lanes by Jack Thurston
Lost Lanes by Jack Thurston

Check out a 64 page preview of the book on issuu.

I’m wondering if there will be any other integration with social media, so those that go on the rides can share their experiences. This would be a great opportunity to build a living document of the routes that capture stories and tips which will vary depending on how long they have been riding and at which time of the year they went. May also be a chance for people to get together and ride the routes together.

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