You’ve seen SlamTracker where men and women who often hold two balls in their hands smack one over a net, well this is something almost entirely the same. But different. In a word, similar. This is all about men with odd shaped balls and how using the powers data analytics we can predict just where those balls may land.

So the Six Nations rugby starts this weekend, like Superbowl without a safety net and just the one break period, with England vs Scotland a highlight. Thankfully we don’t go on about the “ad break” or have costume malfunctions – unless you count Bill Beaumont in 1980 after winning the Grand Slam.

TryTracker is an all you can eat buffet of stats, data, insights and lovely graphics. For the rugby fan it will be as welcome as beer and peanuts. It’s running on IBM predictive analytics software, this does all the hard work, so you don’t have to. Just sit back and watch as the magical box turns the live action into key moments that let you see just how the game is moving.

The heart of the TryTracker is a thing called the Keys to the Game. These are three crucial performance areas specific to each team, if the team is on target for these keys then they are more likely to be in with a chance of winning. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should run off down to William Hill’s with this weeks pay and put it all on Italy beating anyone.

The IBM TryTracker can be accessed by all mobile devices and tablets, the three “Keys to the Game” will be released every Thursday ahead of the weekend match during the 6 Nations.

BTW, I was quite a amused by the voice on the video saying, “If you are on Internet Explorer you need to be on 8 or above.” Seriously, if you are on IE at all you need some help in finding an alternative browser.