It’s not the biggest but it is perfectly formed and growing bunch of riders from around the UK sharing news, views and tips of cycling.

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There are indeed a large number of cycling communities on Google+. Many though have a large contingent from the USA, which while not a problem can mean finding riders with similar experience of UK roads can be difficult Here are a few that I’m a member of and find interesting and useful.

The introduction of communities has been brilliant so far. It seems to have invigorated the platform which does attract a certain type of person but especially seems adept at bringing together people with common interests, even before the formal communities were introduced. The lack of noise, compared to Facebook is another attraction.

Technology communities are another area which seems to be growing well here. You would expect large communities to be found for Google products such as Nexus 7 but there are large Linux, photography, sci-fi, space, maths and many others.

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