Watching Brad Wiggins lead out under the flamme rouge yesterday was truly something to behold.

Even watching the recording again it gives me goose bumps. The effort and grit that went into that final 10km was something Brad could have just not bothered with. He could have said he was tired from a scorching time trial the day before, not to mention the mountains before that.

I have to say at the start I was wishing Jens could pull off an unlikely win. He has certainly proved to be one of the most enjoyable people to watch on and off the bike. But nothing is given away in such high stakes sports and Mark Cavendish took the world champions jersey over the finish line first with another storming final lead out from Edvald Boasson Hagen.

Yellow jersey followed by the Norwegian champion and then the world champion, it was almost surprising that the rest of the teams didn’t just sit up and mutter, “Oh bollocks to this,”  and ride off to their hotels. Phil Liggett did say it was an all to perfect end. Not sure what he meant by that but it was like the ending to a film. I hope that no one thinks they could make a film of this as it would never do it justice, unless it was a warts and all documentary. The real thing was far more interesting, even if the cycling some days had a couple of hours of dull racing between start and finish.

Again.. what a finish. Sky has certainly redeemed itself for me.

Cover photo by Hyku. Used and remixed under Creative Commons.