So, the 99th Le Tour de France starts tomorrow and this is the official teaser. Not found the unofficial teaser, but I bet that’s good too.

A bit like Wimbledon is the tennis tournament for people that don’t like tennis, le tour is the only cycling race many people are likely to have ever heard of.

Le Tour de France are on Google+ where you will also find a whole host of other cycling fans that have been quietly ignoring the doom and gloom around the service. Why? Because it lets you get to the good stuff and avoid the crap that you get on Facebook.

Something else you will need for the next three weeks are the daily podcasts from Scott and John, aka The Velocast. £10 gets you a daily deep dive into the ups and downs of the tour. It’s one of a group of podcasts I have to listen to each week.

Of course a podcast isn’t enough for most so get over to Eurosport which hosts most of the major races of the year – or just get it for a month at £4.99.

Oh, you might like one of these prints from Crayonfire too..I certainly do.