So a week after posting the blog on #cyclesafe I was hit by a car coming in the opposite direction who turned across me into a side road. The road has marked cycle lanes which are part of  the road but stop and start randomly.

The bike seems ok apart from scuffed brake levers and a rip in the saddle, although it is at the local bike shop being looked at today to make sure there are no hidden problems.

My ribs are not ok. I pulled muscles in my back and broke a rib. My temperature also dropped to 33 degrees C. I am feeling much better than I did after it happened but sleeping isn’t that easy when you can only find one position to be comfortable in.

I’d like to say thanks to the NHS and Croydon University Hospital that looked after me and made sure I was ok. They also brought my bike into the hospital and kept it safe. Top work NHS.

Flash Ride

Last night around 2,000 people gathered in Westminster to protest about cycle provisions and safety on the street. If you are interested in the stats cycle injuries just for London there is a map. There is also a UK wide map.

Cyclescheme seems to be morphing into a safer cities campaign which I think is a much better idea. We all want to be safer and as I have two kids I don’t want them to be stats on either map – or those for any road casualties (32,955 deaths in 10 years, more than in Iraq or Afghanistan wars).

Commons Debate

So today the House of Commons will debate cycling and the plethora of cycling organisation have come together under the UK Cycling Alliance banner to produce a briefing note for MPs.

The debate is live today on