Proof, if proof was needed that we like to see people suffer. Perhaps not real suffering but the funny sort. The kind we put ourselves through for whatever reason.

I posted this a while back after returning from Taiwan and uploaded to YouTube without a tweeter-ye-not. Less than a month later it has over 3,000 hits. Whether it is because it has massage in the title or people really do like to see others putting themselves through torture, I have no idea and probably care even less.

What I do know is that this really did hurt. I had it done before the others, went back to the house and said how painful it was and so they all went round to see this bloke who took good money from them so he could hurt their feet.

Oddly, a day or two later, my feet felt great. I didn’t go back for more though. My sister-in-law, seen in the video, couldn’t walk the next day.

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