Over the last ten years I have accumulated one year in Taiwan. This year was a slightly longer trip than expected due to unforseen circustances.

As usual my wife and kids headed out earlier than me, so I can do some work on the flat while they are away plus I don’t quite get 2 months holiday a year. However, halfway through tiling the bathroom I had a call from my wife I will never forget, “My Dads died.”

Quite a shock as you can expect and a phone call I will never forget. Within 36 hours I was on a plane heading to be with my family. What followed was an unusual two weeks to say the least. What has helped everyone are the kids, 6 grandchildren that never stop talking or shouting. Fully aware of what was happening and involved in all aspects of the funeral they bounced back but were never afraid to show they lost a lovely grandad.

We all had some good times too, may get round to writing about them later.

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