social business jam from ibm
It's a jam and it's about business that use social media

This is a short post, really tired after a week of flu, sweat, pain and pills. Hopefully over the worst though.

Mark your diaries please for Feb 8-11, better still just go and register now, for social business jam, 4 days of discussion about the growing use and importance of social technology in businesses around the world.

Intro to jamming.

Core topics will be:

Building the Social Business of the Future

  • What new social innovations can we theorize?
  • How can social technologies help to deliver value through core business processes (R&D, HR, Finance etc).?

Building Participatory Organizations Through Social Adoption

  • How can we align our organizational model, culture, and leadership social business adoption?
  • How do we quantify the value of Social Business for the enterprise?

Using Social to Understand and Engage with Customers

  • How does Social Business impact the future of CRM, marketing or communications
  • What are the implications for the way we manage brands?

What Social means for IT

  • How can IT organizations and get this these social technologies implemented in organizations?
  • What technology options are there available to enable this transformation?

Identifying Risks and Establishing Governance

  • What are the real risks of Social Business for the enterprise?
  • What are the right policies and strategies to manage social interactions internally and externally?
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