Online Community - What is Next Panel 3
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Every question you ever had you will now need to be asked on Quora.

That’s not 100% true, but I have felt like that today.   User growth is out stripping twitter at the moment but it’s base is still small, so still think it will be bigger than Twitter.

When I read the last article above I had my doubts, I still do, but Quora has appeal to be more widely used, especially as answers jump up the Google ladder in search and people start to monitor their own brands and products. Will be people be chatting on it all day, backwards and forwards, no. They will be dropping in when Wikipedia fails them or there isn’t a realiable forum or current avenue to seek help.

But this has been done before, many times but this seems to have hit a nerve, at least for the new year.

Still doesn’t answer the question of Quora.

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