IBM SmartCamp finals kick off next week (Nov 16 – 18) in Dublin, the birthplace of the original idea.

This year SmartCamp has been around the world looking for the best entrepreneurs and bringing them together with mentors and investors. Now down to the final nine companies to see who will be crowned “The World’s Smartest Start-up.”

I was a bit gutted when I was asked to attend the London event earlier this year but wasn’t in the country. Never mind, we all have a chance to follow the finals, where ever we may be.

This isn’t just about matching a good business with some investor money, there are somethings money can’t buy and one of those is access to great advice, the right advice. Matching these companies with mentors can be priceless as they share experience and contacts to make things happen. Although only nine are at the finals, many more have benefited from advice and time with experts in various fields from IBM and beyond.

Claudia Fan Munce of IBM Venture Capital Group says, “Our vision of a smarter planet is really a collaborative vision. It’s about collaborating with all aspects of the ecosystem: with academia, with government, and more importantly, with the real innovators.”  — Read Write Web

So there you go…

How to follow the event

Live video will be streamed from Dublin via our Software channel on Livestream from Nov 16 – 18. Head over there now and get a reminder. You will be sent an email reminder 30 mins before the start on the first day. Don’t worry, your emails are not sent to IBM, it’s purely for the reminder, and if you don’t want to do that set up a calendar entry for the bits of the event you want to see, just check out the agenda.

How to connect with other budding entrepreneurs

Twitter: follow @ibmsmartcamp #IBMSmartCamp

A wealth of information on the blog:

Join the LinkedIn group where discussions are held throughout the year.