Yesterday we had our annual Marketing and Communications get together in Bedfont. We call it a university, as we cover a wide range of topics in a very full day, from business results, future trends, making plans and a couple of guest speakers.


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Image by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML via Flickr

This year we managed to get our Senior VP of Marketing and Communications, Jon Iwata. Jon is a straight talker, not of the hyperbole kind, like Alan Sugar, but the understated kind that lends credence to what he is saying. Accompanied with a dry sense of humor he makes for a very engaging speaker who manages to avoid the management speak so many other people fall into. Actually I have noticed that the better managers really avoid the cliches and management speak that others, possibly trying to impress, too often fall into. I may be unfair, speaking in front of a large audience is not easy task so calling up the frequently used phrases from memory is probably a lot easier.

OK, what was I saying? :o)

So on a panel with Buell Duncan and Andy Pinder, Jon was asked what he does to raise his eminence. Simply stated he spends more of his time looking at where things are going, rather than where they have been and then filling the gap in his knowledge so he can get there. But it is an ever moving target. Couple that with the comments from Andy on changing the current rules, challenging what are widely held beliefs but as Buell pointed out, try to avoid the bucket of stupid pills in the room, there are plenty of people taking those, keep away.