Last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to find out and learn a few things on CS5 which has been added to the list of things on the Mac.

After Effects CS4 Icon
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Have to say that After Effects is totally fantastic, but I’ll probably need a full-time course to get the most of it and the rest of CS5 (Production Premium version). It’s one thing following a tutorial, it’s another actually putting something together yourself. But then I was in a similar position with PhotoShop a few years ago, just multiply that by 8 plus the CS Live tools – I should be about done in 2025.

The problem I have now (another) is which software do I stick to? iMovie, Final Cut or Premiere Pro? Have to make my mind up or it’s gonna get messy. I’m already in need of some serious space expansion in the shape of NAS if I can as the HDD is filling up.

Off to look for more tips on CS5.