Just spent three days in Kenting, which is right in the far south of Taiwan.


We stayed at the Yoho Landis Beach Resort which is made up of three hotel section which cater to different groups. The regular hotel and two other areas, Yoho Kids and Yoho Bike Hotel, which we stayed at.

The rooms are all kitted out for bikers with bike racks in the rooms, a mechanic on site (with bike spa) and a shop to hire bikes and buy equipment. The staff speak English and more than happy to practice with me as I don’t think they get a huge amount of practice as the vast majority of people are Taiwanese while we were there, think I saw two other families with Western contingents.

There are two main pool complexes with a hot-tub area, flumes and kids water play area which has smaller slides. There is an indoor soft play area for when you have had enough water, as well as climbing equipment and games arcade.

I also use the fitness room which has a 5 bikes and one treadmill plus free weights and multi-gym. Nice and clean and easy to use, all the directions were in English as they were American machines.

The beach is made up of old coral reef which has long since died, but makes swimming on the hotel beach a no-no as you’ll cut yourself to ribbons. great for beach combing and catching small crabs with the kids though, and there are hammocks in the shade too.

Outside the Yoho hotel with the family


Breakfast was included but dinner was an extra $500 each, but is a buffet, so fill up. We took some noodles for lunch with us and had those for lunch as we usually didn’t need much after a big breakfast. There are no shops nearby and so you can buy on site (expensive) or bring your own. Things like noodles, crisps and drinks. Each room has a fridge which is there for you to use for what you want – no minibar.

Night Market

We went into Kenting for the night market which stretches along the street. It’s really not the best although busy. There are a number of bars here which are really catering for the many westerners US$ rather than Taiwanese. I have to say I found nothing here that would bring me back to the night market.


As we stayed in a bike hotel I had to go for a ride. There are two choices: Use the hotel bike hire with is a standard street bike and costs about $200 per hour. Otherwise go to the Giant shop on-site and hire from a range of high-spec road and mountain bikes. I picked up a Giant TCR Advanced which cost $500 for the first hour and then $200 for each hour after that. I went out at about 4pm for a short ride around and up GuangShan. There were a couple of inclines which in 33c is pretty hard (especially when you have no idea how far the climbed is) but the bike was superb.


Great holiday, something for everyone, especially with a family or you looking for a base to use for cycling around the area.

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