IBM zEnterprise System Mainframe: World's Fastest Microprocessors
IBM zEnterprise System Mainframe: World's Fastest Microprocessors

After 4 months in the job we had a little bit of a do over in the systems group with the launch of a new mainframe, zEnterprise 196.

I’m not going to try and tell you what the system is all about, others can do that much better such as engadget who said the mainframe is cool again.  You can also check out what the talk is around the world via social mention search.

We covered the event on Livestream as we do now with many of our events. You can watch the videos that will take you through the what and why plus one session of the actual launch event.

So this is what I wanted to share – the additional expense we spent on making this available via the web has so far worked out at $1.02 per viewer. Considering you can get about 200 people at the location the is a good investment. Sure you don’t get the same experience of meeting people and seeing the thing for real but that is always the same whether you watch a game on TV and part of the attraction. If it was AS good as real life, who would show up?

But what you have is something that is giving back all the time once it is in the can. Replays of the event account for 3 times the viewers on the day. It’s content that would otherwise take weeks to produce that can be edited into all sorts of collateral and across a number of platforms like YouTube and blogs.

The other-side of things is that you cannot be misquoted. It’s all there to see. And in these times that’s pretty valuable to anyone.

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