When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade
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Not much time for blogging of late, getting to know a new role can be time consuming. My afternoons are a lot busier and my morning less so, with regard to meetings. This does give me the chance to structure my work quite effectively though.

The overall culture in STG while not radically different from the rest of IBM has it’s little quirks – which does give rise to some frustration with some people – but you get that everywhere. I hope I can help in my own way, where I can to help smooth out some of those frustrations.

They say the British and Americans are two countries divided by a common language and although I have often worked with teams and individuals across the pond the regional differences in the USA are just as striking as those between Surrey and Newcastle. I’ve also been a bit “idiom blind” (if there is such a thing) in my time, so I’ve had to look up some of the phrases people are using. Sorry, but some of those I’ve just never heard before. I’m probably not cultured enough. At least now I know that making lemonade from lemons is a good thing!

Anyway, it has certainly been interesting and later next week I’m off to Manchester for the opening of a lab. We will have a few minutes from the event on Livestream, photos on Flickr and of course some tweets too.

Right, I must get a shower as I’m sat in the office in my sweaty t-shirt and shorts on what looks like a very quiet day in the office – in terms of numbers.

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