hello kitty
"Hello Kitty"

I’m on holiday at the moment, which has mostly meant me doing little and not so little jobs around the flat. Things that never get done and some general maintenance.  So far I’ve painted the hall and even a cupboard. Also removed some old sealant in the bathroom and if it ever stops raining I’ll do some stuff on the windows too.

However, today I had the chance to do something a little different, I painted Hello Kitty on my daughters wall.

It’s about 4 feet by 4 feet in size, although I just realised you have no idea from this picture just how big it is.

Started with a rough on paper using a grid and transferred that to the wall. In all took about 3.5 hours, just using a few test pots of paint from B&Q.

Not bad for a first effort I thought.

I put together a video of the images as it was painted on YouTube.

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