Big blogging nothing.  Serioulsy, I’ve been too busy. What happened to the last month?

I’ll tell you where it went. We’re running a Jam in the UK and Ireland for employees only called TransformationJam. Guess what it’s about? Not redecorating, although I think there is probably some of that planned and certainly some going on at various sites that I have been to.

So phase one of comms is more or less over, for me at least – build awareness and get people to register – it all kicks off tomorrow morning at 9am GMT.

For the last four or five weeks I’ve designed, printed and distributed posters and flyers. Built a dozen or so intranet pages.  Discovered some new widgets to use on said pages. Recorded, edited and hosted 8 podcasts, finalised animations with agencies and built a little community on Lotus Connections.

Now I write it down, it doesn’t seem like a great deal.

Of course I’m not the only one working on this, we have a host of people creating content, training facilitators, briefing hosts, putting together questions, polls and forum descriptions and outlines… and so much more. Mine is a small, wee bit.

As I said it all kicks off next week 16-18 March. This is the first Jam just for the UK and Ireland – it’s actually a mini-Jam, but it is still an incredibly substantial bit of work and something that will shape our company direction for the next couple of years.

That’s the plan.

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