As usual we went into town today for Chinese new year to have a meal.

Cha Cha Moon
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Rather than go to Chinatown we headed for Carnaby Street for a change. Some friends had heard of a place up there that was doing some nice things so as it was also Valentines Day we thought we would try something new – Cha Cha Moon.

Have to say, places in that sort of area of town don’t always fill me with confidence as the decor looks great but the food is often overpriced and tasteless. Not to mention portions that would only fill a mouse.

However, Cha Cha Moon, was a bit of a surprise. They only add the 10% service charge if there are more than 5 of you and the food looks and tastes good.

They have Taiwan beef noodle on the menu, but as my wife had only just made this a couple of days ago I didn’t go for it and well you’d be hard pushed to beat hers or any in Taiwan for that matter.

We had Steamed Taro cake, which was really good, the kids tucked this away in no time. The topping of minced beef is yummy. Spring onion pancake, was ok.. nothing to write home about. For mains we had seafood ho fun, Fujian style udon and chilli prawn lao mian, which was not quite the best of the bunch but lots of heat. All the seafood was really good. Squid melted in your mouth and the prawns were just right. Little one ended up covered in sauce which is always a good sign.

Overall, reasonable price, nice food, very nice surroundings and we didn’t have to compete with the masses in Chinatown to get a seat.

Later we did the Chinatown thing, let the kids see the lion dancing outside the shops as bits of veg fly all around and throw little crackers on the floor. Of course we popped into the bakery and picked up a few buns. We soon got out of there though as large crowds and small kids don’t mix well, or rather they do… the kids go missing.

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