Ice and snow London #uksnow
Image by AndyRob via Flickr

Seems the Pimsleur files were the wrong ones, I found the Danish set not the Chinese set.

Anyway, day 2 and I’m not only totally unaware of what is happening on #CBB7 but keeping up with the meditation and reading. The snow put an end to sorting out the language course with the eldest at home today. Not only because she was about the house but as she always tells me not to talk Chinese as I’m English and only her and mummy are allowed to talk Chinese. Bless, she is only 4 and has a better grasp of Mandarin than I probably do of English.

The meditation is surprising me, I found an old cd “Insight Meditation” and playing that to start with, it’s a nice way to ease back into it. Actually finding I want to continue after 30 mins but decide not to as it’s best to leave it while it is still enjoyable.  It helps to have a nice space at home as before the only place I could really relax was in the temple.

So like everyone else we had a load of snow, as I said before, the kids were off school today – we made a snowman and saw a fox in the garden – he looked very healthy in his bushy winter coat.  Often see his footprints around  here and much easier to spot in the snow. I think he was enjoying the relative peace and quiet the snow has brought with it.

It’s nice to slow down a bit and have a proper winter.

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