I hate  doing new year resolutions, to me it seems any day is a good day to try and improve one’s self.

Walk into Chinatown to see the laterns
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Having said that here I go with a few things that come to mind which if I put down on paper I may well get round to actually doing them.

1. Read more books: need to take time out away from the screen. I have a few that I picked up before Christmas and really just need to set aside reading time each day.

2. Learn more Chinese: now this has been going on for ages, as soon as I get into a pattern something happens and I fall out of the habit of practising – I’m aiming for a trip to Taiwan in the summer so hopefully by then I should be at a decent level, but don’t place any bets.

3. Be a bit more organised: part of this will be culling some networks and tools that I use. At them moment I feel like I’m spread all over the place and need to have a more focused approach to what I’m doing in and outside of work. So, one place for my to do’s, actually while I think about it, I better start a to do list, as I don’t and never have had one.

4. Think more positively about the future: often I think the worst about the future, just because that’s the way I am. At times this has been incredibly painful for me but in recent years I feel that has improved somewhat – but still plenty of improvement to be made. Part of this will be to meditate again. As it says, you can’t easily change the world, but you can change yourself to understand yourself and the world better and then help others.

So I think as a set of Personal Improvement Commitments (PIC) four is enough. I also aim to be less restrained on this blog, sometimes I think too much about what I’m writing which isn’t good in this format. It stops me writing and without practice the damn thing is never going to improve.

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