Sitting here on a horrible, grey, wet and windy Tuesday (I think it’s Tuesday) between Christmas and new year does give me the chance to do some much needed reading.

One short little article I came across on is a great way to make everyone a little happier with the world in 2010.

Simply make your 1 hour meetings, 50 minutes instead.

I’m fortunate enough not to have back to back meetings that often, possibly because I just say no or I find ways of getting around the need for them using different media or suchlike. Anyway, this is something I have done often without realising it. Just take up the time you need and don’t bow to the calendar’s 1 hour default setting.  I often have meetings start at 10 past or finish and quarter to, just because I know I will need a break for those natural processes of getting a drink and what that will result in. Plus you can’t instantly teleport from one place to the next – not even on a telephone call.

We all need time to readjust between subjects and what better way that to take 10 mins for yourself to gather your thoughts. Who knows, you may even save on further meetings by being able to communicate your thoughts clearly.

You’ll also gain a bit of love from your co-workers, have more time for yourself and everyone will feel a little less stressed.