If you have two mins watch this video of Adam Christiansen on CNBC Power Lunch, not eating tacos, but talking about how IBM has embraced social media.

So for the last time, before I go off my head, any company looking to ignore what people are saying and clamping down on employees using the Internet – IBM’s estimated (we have no idea how many) bloggers are not checked, vetted, censored, scanned or mess around with in any way. People are trusted to use the tools available to them to do business and bring value to our clients and the organisation.

You may ask, why can IBM do this. Well because as Adam says in the video, employees are trusted, it’s one of our values. We have a good set of guidelines and plenty of education (mostly from each other).

If you are one of  these companies shutting down access, preventing employees engaging in conversations with clients/customers because, “OMG, it’s so gonna end our company” get real.  Even though there have been a couple of “bad” moments on-line (mention no names), it’s not brought any company down to it’s knees.  If you think that letting employees go and chat on the web is a problem, you have bigger issues to face up to.

What does bring a company down to it’s knees are poor customer service, bad products, not listening, lack of innovation and generally doing things like you always used to.

I will never touch this subject again. Possibly.