Little while ago I added a list of 10 reason why PR, Marketing and Comms people should be on twitter and the the Government come up with a rather good template strategy document for depts to use twitter themselves.

Not only is it useful but it is quite realistic about the criticism that one may expect when a dept sets up an account. One of my favorite parts is where it mentions that from time to time Twitter may not work and essentially says live with it, everyone else does.

This document is full of useful tips on how to measure effectiveness and use of the service and indeed how to set expectations.  Just as valid as anything written by a “social media guru” on this stuff. The only surprise is that it came from the Government.

The people who put this together have no future in politics.

You can read more about it on the Cabinet Office blog and follow Neil Williams (head of digital channel, BIS) on Twitter @neillyneil.