More and more I’m convinced that Social Media Marketing is nonsense. What most marketing types call SMM is actually marketing usually on a platform that has some sort of social element.  It has nothing to do with being social.

Communications is the new marketing centre.  Enabling employees to talk about the business and have conversations in public, which could be on Twitter or face to face, is where it needs to start.  I feel like I’m repeating myself.

Hiring in people to blog for you is like hiring a journalist or paying for editorial or a byline in a newspaper. It’s not social. It’s not a conversation. It is still focused on marketing, selling a message in other words.  That idea just went out the nearest window sometime ago.

Think about the phone, we use it to talk to each other, when someone calls you up and tries to sell you something it is bloody annoying.  Same with email.

Great, companies are starting to listen but then it often goes all wrong when they think they have done enough listening and start pushing out a message for services or products.

Twice today people have been talking to me about fitting marketing campaigns into social media as a way to reach more people. Just seems like they don’t get it or they are unwilling to change what they are doing.  Business indeed needs to change what it is doing and how marketing and communications is conducted. That may seem obvious but for TOO many it has yet to be addressed.

You will always be as slow as the slowest person in the team.