Yesterday when I got home I found a package for me. 

Couldn’t think who it might be from, wasn’t expecting anything, then noticed the post mark was Windsor.  Could this be the flip cam I sent to flip to get fixed? Only sent it last Thursday.

Opened up and yes it was, but it wasn’t my cam it was a brand new one along with a nice letter thanking me for supporting flip and apologising for not being able retrieve the videos off the old one.

Why is this so great?

  1. I bought the camera for work last year, about July or August.
  2. Flip have a stated 90-day warranty. 
  3. When I originally asked for help they replied directly to me, quickly with clear instructions.
  4. When I couldn’t reset the cam I had a simple process to follow to send it back.
  5. The new cam arrived within a week of sending the old one back.

Other companies take note.. this is customer services as it should be.  Exceeding my expectations and keeping my faith in flip – not just a vision or a slogan but words in action.

Flip – keep it up guys, you rock.