I’ve been back a week but it feels longer.. just because so much was crammed into last week.

Started off with the usual email mountain but thankfully nearly all my 824 emails were notifications, only 20 or so were directly to me and of those 3 or 4 needed action.  The rest, as they say, happened and I’ll move on.

After day one it was a transformation meeting in the UK for our Marketing and Communications team.  Lots going on, not least I know work in Workforce and Field Enablement, rather than Internal Communications. Only one problem, explaining to everyone what that means!

End of the week I was asked to join the Managers Institute in London to talk about social media.  We have a good turn out for the Communications Clinic and some great insights – as well as some new contacts who I shall be seeing this week.  A lot of what I will be doing has probably already been shaped by what was talked about in our two sessions – the abundance of tools, the way to decide what to use and helping those not on the IBM network stay connected.

Friday was a time to get things back together and ponder what this week would bring. It was also a terrible day for the network, one of those once a year days where the things you want seem to be out of action. It allows you time to think and reflect on what you have already done. Something I think I probably need to do a little more of.

And with that I’ve decided to work a little less on the computer and take time to do other things. Spread my self a little thinker in the places I got most from last year. Getting some perspective on things will be important in the organisational changes we will see and part of that will probably mean getting out to see the conditions and situations people really find themselves in at work.