I try

Just a quick one before I go away on holiday to Taiwan.

Shel Israel interviews our (IBM) own Adam Christensen about how we empower IBMers to engage in through Twitter.

While the company never embarked on an official Twitter strategy,  the result is consistent with IBM’s long term strategy for social media: to take a smaller centralized corporate presence in lieu of enabling all employees to engage on their own as part of their jobs in the platforms of their choice.

“Our assumption,” Christensen said, “is that the employee will be a much better representation of the company than a couple of guys sitting in corporate. Our business is vast, so to represent the diversity of topics we touch and subject experts we have, we are best served getting average employees to be active in public conversations.”

You could attempt or even have an official presence but the unofficial will always be greater and it is much better to enable, guide and help employees make use of it at work and home that can benefit all sides and of course our clients.

I’m sure if we all put our success stories together, one time Twitter has helped us in a real business situation, we could a book (or a blog).

BTW, the internal version, BlueTwit, is fantastic and perhaps Ev Williams doesn’t appreciate that there are some conversations you would like to have internally – similar to having an intranet and internal blogs.