May be it is just the start of a new year, my approaching vacation in Taiwan or burn-out from a rather hectic, exciting and full-filling year – but I can’t think of a damn thing to write about. This is going to be a ramble.

At present our Internal Comms function is preparing for our 4Q and end of year results. Local video has been recorded of our CGM which will be released internally after the corporate announcement. But I think it will have to be pretty bad or pretty amazing to knock some guy called Obama off the news headlines on his first day of his new job.

My appraisal is on Thursday afternoon – which I think I have done well in and taken the opportunities I’ve been handed and found. Hoping for a band increase. Well we do live in Hope.

Also this week, actually the other highlight of the week, is meeting with someone from another business who is also in Internal Comms – albeit at a much higher level than myself. This will be the third recent meeting with IC people from other companies. It’s really good to find out how others work and what they are doing. They will be coming to our SouthBank office for a chat and perhaps sample the delights of our canteen.

If you work in IC, based in London and fancy a chat over lunch then let me know.

Today I have my second meeting with my mentor, who is actually based in Germany. Still working out in my own head how this mentoring stuff should work for me, what I want to get out of it. Never had a formal mentor before but have kept up with people I admire on an informal level. They probably didn’t realise it (or me) but they were also mentors.

End of week.. hols..