Wondering out loud on Twitter the other day I asked if Internal Comms should still be called so, or if it should, in the light of recent changes be called something else.

You may argue that the name is of little importance, what you actually do makes the difference – anyway this made me recall a blog I posted on myragan.com in the middle of last year about my self imposed job title change.


Recently I updated my job title on our company profile directory (BluePages – what else) from “Internal Communications, w3 editor” to “disruptive communicator” – I was somewhat surprised at the results.

“Disruptive by nature” is one of the tag lines taken from our CEO Study 2008 and having been involved in social media, new media, web2.0 or whatever the hell you want to call it this seemed like a nice way to sum up the way I work and what I’m interested in. So, I became a “disruptive communicator.” A force for change, upsetting the apple cart, kicking some metaphorical butt – not doing things how they have always been done.

To be honest, I really didn’t think anyone would take note but at a team meeting my manager brought it up and liked it. You had to pick me off the floor. Not only that, the phone started ringing. Well it didn’t, Sametime instant messaging started popping up with questions from more people I didn’t know and invitations to chat to clients about our social media “stuff” aka Lotus Connections, et al.

It may have been coincidence but new people who call on me always mention it. Some laugh, it may be a joke but it has certainly change perceptions of how some people see Communications – or my part of it.

To a certain extent Internal Comms is often seen as company propaganda by some employees in all companies or the team that will send out a mass mail (even worse).

Our job is changing, actually it has changed.  We are a force for change, enabling masses of communicators rather than communicating to the masses.  Enabling employees to use web2.0 tools is what it is all about.  From that comes so much more. There is a feedback loop from blogs, file-sharing and social media that otherwise just wouldn’t happen. And if you don’t provide the tools don’t expect the next line of grads to be knocking at your door anytime soon – they expect these tools like email and telephones.

Serendipity creates some amazing opportunities, I was speaking to one of our engineers who uses Twitter and by some chance coincidence he came across a tweet from a guy in Austria that ultimately led to his company becomeing a business partner with solutions in the pipeline to go to market.

Innovation is banded around a hell of a lot these days and to many means very little.. I wish there was a another word for it but these days to get teams working together, collaboration is not just essential, it’s fun and motivating.  It gives me a buzz.

In a nutshell, create the new working environment – enable everyone to join in if they want and watch the emerging (hidden) talent rise to the top.